Ausekļa Limbažu teātris — Nejauša dekoratīva bilde

“Spelesprieks” possible performances places

IzsaukumsThese places are not the only places to play theater. You can find out about other places by contacting the Limbaži Theater.

1. Theatre house

Stage: — Dimensions: 6 m wide; 4.40 m deep (rounded in the depth); 3.30 m high; 0.15 m above the auditorium floor. Bars: 4 stationary, positioned at (from depth) 0,6 m; 1.30 m; 2.10 m; 3.40 m, Tormentors: 1 pair at the front of the stage 0.6 m wide, stationary, Curtain: no curtain, Doors: on the left side—to the dressing room, in the depth—storage room, both rooms are not connected, Drapery: black, maroon, white, grey, champagne.
Auditorium: — 4,40 m wide; 9,60m deep, can be fully darkened, audience seated on platforms, any part of the auditorium can be used as the stage. Auditorium walls can be draped in black.
More technical details can be read here: DOC, PDF

2. Limbazi Music School

Wide: 3,9 – 4,2 m; deep – 8.0 m. Stage: wide – 3,9 m; deep – 2,1 m
At the scene is a door to the space for actors.

3. Small square at the building Parka iela (street) 8

Area covered with concrete slabs. Size 6×11 m.

4. Yard in Ģildes iela (street) 10

Size approximately 17 x 5,5 meters.

5. Company “Kommunal service” courtyard

Performances place in the courtyard on three sides include the manufacturing and administration bodies. Playground dimensions 9,0×7,5 meters.

6. Company “Kommunal Service” garage

Dimensions – 18,0 m x 12,0 m. The entrance door is located approximately in the middle. The room has two columns.

7. Society “Limbažu filcs”

Great Hall – there is the site of about for 150 spectators. Stage dimensions 4×4 m.
Mirrors hall – size about 15×15 metri. At one wall are large mirrors.

8. Old factory yard

Courtyard on three sides include old manufacturing enclosures. Street side is not built.

9. Coffee-bar “Trīs kambari”

Cafe is located in the basement of the building.
There are three spaces. In the first room is a bar counter.
Larger rooms size – 3 x 5 meters.
Behind the largest room is a small room – for the actors.

10. Society House courtyard

Size 8,5×4,5 meters (picture 2). Stairs to the second floor can not be used.

11. Coffe-bar “Tornis”

The building is located in the historic center. Café is currently not working.
The room is located on the 2nd floor. The room has an irregular rectangular shape. The room has a fireplace in one corner of the bar counter. Room size – 7.2 m x 8,1 m.

12. The old fire station

Dimensions – 7,2×3,5 meters. In this room with one wall is fire halved machine model.

13. Old town hall

Celebration halls are located on the second floor. Big hall – 7,7×6,0 meters. Small hall – 6,6×5,4 meters. Booth halls have restored the ancient wall and ceiling paintings.

14. Old town hall courtyard

Courtyard covered with concrete pavement. Size 21 x 25 meters. On two sides are the neighboring buildings.

15. Limbazi museum conference room

The room is located on the 2nd floor.
Room size – 5.1 m x 8.4 m. Premises can not darkened.

16. Basement of the New castle

There are two rooms with semi-circular vaulted ceilings. In the smallest room, the actors can prepare for the show.

17. Limbazi Castle courtyard

The courtyard is located between the new building and castle ruins. At the ruins remained carriage ramp. In the new Castle bilding is working museum.

18. Limbaži castle ruins

Limbaži castle ruins can choose different playing field.

19. Archbishop apartment in castle ruins

Size about 5×5 m.

20. Limbazi museum ethnographic tools warehouse

Warehouse is located on the 2nd floor. Free size about 3 x 27 m.

21. Lutheran Church

22. Lutheran church garden

You can choose different playing field.

23. Market shed

Dimensions – 10 x 15 m.

24. Limbažu county administrative building

There are two performances pitches.
Vestibule – size about 4,3 x 18 meters.
Great Hall – there is the site of about for 200 spectators. In one end is about 60 cm high stage advancement.

25. Children and Youth Centre

Stage: Dimensions: – wide 10m, deep 7,6m, high 5,5m, 1 m above the auditorium floor; mouth of the stage—8.50 m wide, 5 m high; Bars: 6 moving (3 for lights); — Tormentors: 3; — Curtain: red, automatic (rader loud); Doors: 2 doors, one on each side of the back of the stage, connected behind the stage; Drapery: red, black;
Sound and light equipment: 6 x 500W PCs on sides of the auditorium, 3 on each side; frontal light from auditorium—4 x 500W PAR cans, 2 x 1000W Fresnels; on the first and second bar on stage 4 x 500W PAR cans on each, on the third bar 6 x 500W PARs (14 total); on each side—3 x 500W PCs; 32 lights total (2 per one channel); speakers, sound and lighting boards, MD and CD players;
Auditorium: Can be darkened (not fully though), 200 seats.

26. Limbazi Secondary School Nr.3 courtyard

This courtyard from all sides be included in school bodies. The upper area is covered with concrete slabs, the bottom area is asphalted. In case of rain the show can take place in the school hall.

27. Limbaži Secondary School No. 3 vestibule and main stairs

Size 5,2×3,0 m.

28. Hall in the secondary school Nr.3

Stage: — Dimensions: 6,0 m wide (+ side coulisse); 4.0 m deep. Rear drapery – dark grey, light yellow.
Auditorium: Can be darkened (not fully though), at least 150 seats. There are viewers balcony.

29. The main library – terrace and conference hall

Terrace. Dimensions 28 x 9 meters. The floor is made of wood. The library is located at the park.
Conference hall. Dimensions 14 x 14 meters. The room is located on the 2nd floor.

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