Ausekļa Limbažu teātris — Nejauša dekoratīva bilde

“Spēlesprieks 2013”: Places and squares available for performances

We can send you more information and additional photos of places listed below. A video can be made at your request.

1. Passenger platform at the railway station

The square is asphalt-paved. Dimensions – 10×15 m. Railway is not in use any more. There is a waiting room for the bus passengers and a small convenience store in the building. The spectators could watch performances from past train arrival platforms – there are 2 of them.

2. Square by the building at Parka street No 8

This concrete slab covered square is placed between Parka ans Mūru street. Dimensions – 6×11 m (picture No1). The spectators may stay in the lawn around the square or on the pavement of Parka and Mūru street.

3. The inner yard of Limbaži Secondary School No3

The inner yard of Limbaži Secondary School No3 is enclosed by the school-building. On the one side it is accessible by a vehicle. The upper square is covered by concrete slab, there are stairs also made of concrete, that could be used for sitting spectators. The lower square is asphalt-paved (note that there will be no snow at the time of the festival). The drive could be covered with a curtain. Wooden benches could be borrowed from the school for afferent seating arrangements.

4. The foyer and the main stairs of Limbaži Secondary School No3

In the foyer of Limbaži Secondary school No3 the place for performances could be 5,2×3,0 m. The performance could be also staged on the stairs. Spectators could sit on wooden benches that can be borrowed from the school. Sound and light equipment could be placed on the counter usually used by the school custodian.

5. The courtyard of past factory “Limbaži felt”

The courtyard of the past felt factory is enclosed by past production buildings from 3 sides. The back of the courtyard is open and accessible by spectators from street Jūras.

6. Society “Limbazu felt”

The building which is owned by non-governmental organisation “Limbazi Felt” can offer 2 halls for staging.
The Event Hall could welcome approximately 150 spectators. There is a stage (dimensions 4x4m including coulisses.
The Mirror Hall – dimensions 15×15 m, one is mirrored wall.

7. Limbaži Lutheran church

An appropriate play could be staged inside the church. If you are interested the information will be provided.

8. The garden of the Lutheran church of Limbaži

There is a garden by the church with trees, few decorative shrubs. The possible staging square is a bit slanting. However, there are many variations, possibility to choose a different staging place.

9. Ruins of Limbazi medieval castle

One can choose form many different staging squares at the Ruins of Limbazi medieval castle. Note that the castle is partially renewed. One can use for staging some of the stone walls that are still standing and the raised ground. Spectators are usually seated on the lawn by the ruins. Dimensions of the staging square are approximately 10×8 m (Foto No 2.).

10. The storehouse of Limbazi Museum

The storehouse of Limbazi Museum is placed in the attic of the building nearby the Limbazi museum. There is a vacant square of 3m width and 27m length. The room is accessible by 2 stairs from the ground floor.

11. The apartments of archbishop at the ruins of Limbazi medieval castle

There are is partially renewed apartments of archbishop at the ruins of Limbazi medieval castle. Dimensions 5×5m.

12. The administrative building of Limbazi regional government

The administrative building of Limbazi regional government can provide 2 staging squares.
The foyer is 4,3 m wide at average (picture No1), it’s length is approximately 18m. There is a small decorative water reservoir at the one end of the hall.
Meeting hall can welcome approximately 200 spectators. There is a 60 cm high platform at the one end of the room. Some light equipment available.

13. The yard at No 10 Gildes street

The yard is rectangular, slightly more narrow at the one end. Dimensions 17,0×5,5m at the narrower end. The yard is enclosed by an apartment building (2 floors), a neighbouring house and a house hold building.

14. The courtyard of the old Limbazi townhall

The courtyard of the old Limbaži town-hall is concrete paved. It is enclosed by neighbouring houses and house hold buildings in good condition and vacant square on the other side.

15. The festive hall of old Limbazi town hall

There are several rooms on the 2nd floor. The largest 7,7×6,0 m, the smaller 6,6×5,4 m. Both halls are decorated by historical mural paintings. Accessible by the lift (also for disabled).

16. The courtyard of Limbaži social society

The available square is concrete slab covered. Dimensions 8,5×4,5 m (picture No1). The stair to the 2nd floor is not in use due to disrepair. There are well kept wood sheds on the left side of the yard.

17. Swedish church

The description of the building will be available later, because of winter the building is not accessible at the moment. The photo of exterior only available for now.

18. The space by the Limbazi Manor house

There is a wide yard between the Limbaži Manor house and the ruins of Limbaži medieval castle, with enough space for the spectators. There is a raised, grass covered area by the ruins. Limbaži museum is situated at the Manor house.

19. The Old Fire Station

This space is not large – only 7,2×3,5 m. In this room is located model of fire engine. Old home appliances are exhibited at adjacent premises and also the local Tourist Information Centre.

20.The courtyard of „Limbažu komunālserviss” (Limbazi municipal services company)

Performances square in the courtyard is enclosed by the production and administration blocks at 3 sides. There is a fence and gate on the 4ourth side. The possible staging square could be at the farest ebd of the yard. Dimensions – 9,0 x 7,5 m.

21. Theatre House

Stage: Dimensions – 6 m wide; 4.40 m deep (rounded in the depth); 3.30 m high; 0.15 m above the auditorium floor. No curtain.
Auditorium: Dimensions – 4,40 m wide; 9,60m deep. Can be fully darkened. Audience seated on platforms. Any part of the auditorium can be used as the stage.
More technical information here: DOC or PDF.

22. Children and Youth Centre

Stage: Dimensions – 10 m wide, 7.60 m deep, 5.50 m high, 1 m above the auditorium floor; mouth of the stage – 8.50 m wide, 5 m high;
Auditorium: Can be darkened (not fully though), 200 seats.
More technical information here: DOC vai PDF.

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