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Creative Experiment—Telephone Book

Creative Experiment—Telephone Book

Traditionally all theatre troupes participating in «Spēlesprieks—Joy of Acting» carry out a theatrical experiment. We think it is a way towards new findings and impulses for future creative activity. This year’s experiment is TO STAGE A TELEPHONE BOOK.

Telephone book—it’s not just a list of telephone numbers and people’s names, it can help you at a difficult situation or be a symbol of missed opportunities or yearning. It can also be an object of practical use or even a weapon… Anyhow the telephone book can be either a source of inspiration, a prop for an actor or an element of stage design…

We invite your troupe to prepare a short performance where a telephone book is used in any freely chosen way, genre and form. It is planned to make one united performance from the Telephone Books staged by all theatre troupes and show it to the audience at the last day of the festival. There will be one rehearsal with the local director who will stitch the pieces together.

When staging your Telephone Book, please, take into account following conditions:

  • Duration of your performance: 5 to 10 minutes;
  • Performers: 1 or 2 actors (preferably from those who are registered as festival participants);
  • Stage: Approximately 3 x 3 m (stage of the Theatre House);
  • Stage decoration: «Black box», 1or 2 chairs, a table (50 x 50 cm, 80 cm high on one foot);
  • Available properties: Telephone book (Latvian), fixed line telephone and/or cell phone, you can also use some props of your own;
  • Lights: Minimum available;
  • Sound: MP3 file to run from a PC.
  • In case of any questions please email me, the head of this experiment, Mister Dee (Mr. D) on: or write SMS or call me on +371 29484148!

    The theoretical statement that you can stage even a telephone book in the theatre circles is known for a long time, but we have not heard that one would have really carried it out. We invite you to try and do it together!

    See you soon!

    Mr. D

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