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On The First Date

On The First Date

By Stepan Vasylchenko

Theatre-Studio GaRmYdEr, Lutsk, Ukraine
Directed by Larysa Zelenova and Ruslana Porytska

The play «The First Date» is based on the drama of Stepan Vasylchenko. His work is translated into the dialect of village of Cherche (region Western Polissya, historic-etnografical area of Ukraine), complemented with old songs and Kupala rites of region. Actors are dressed in the authentic clothes of Western Polissya. Play begins at an entrance to the hall with folk games and treating, and ends with Kupala amusements (Kupala – Latvian analogue – Ligo). Audience has an opportunity not only to see but also to take part in action.

Girl’s honor of daughter for the Ukrainian parents above all. So, Savka (father) doesn’t let his daughter Vlena to have a date, so that no “misfortune” happen. He doesn’t pay attention neither to the daughter’s tears nor to persuasions of wife Vasylyna. Nevertheless, Vlena’s boyfriend Tymish is ready to do everything to take away his sweetheart on celebration of Kupala (Latvian analogue—Ligo).

Theatre-studio «GaRmYdEr» (means “mess” in it’s positive meaning) of the Centre of culture and leisure of Volyn national university named after Lesia Ukrainka was established in 2003.

The head of the theatre is Ruslana Porytska.

In the theatre have been formed principles of common searching of the material and creation of the play. Theatre is open for everyone who desires to join the creative process.
The main task of «GaRmYdEr» is to find out and open the talents of each member of the theatre. Every play is the result of realisation of creative person’s potential.

Philosophical expression of “GaRmYdEr” should be found in its name. We interpret the word “garmyder” (“mess”) as a step from chaos, as recalling that changes into creative process from which Something is born.

For 5 years «GaRmYdEr» performed 11 plays. Theatre participated in Ukrainian theatre festivals in Rivne, Donetsk, Lutsk, in international theatre festivals in Ukraine (Lviv) and abroad (Latvia, Lithua, Poland).

Our motto is: “Harmony—is a result of ordering of chaos”.

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