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Dance Theatre Piece by Bettina Werner

Juniorcompany of the Leipzig Dance Theatre (LTT), Leipzig, Germany
Idea/Libretto/Dramaturgy/Choreography: Bettina Werner
Music/Composition: Gundolf Nandico
Costumes: Antje Steiner

“A human being, overstrained in his daily life, tries to carry out his duty. A journey from anywhere to anywhere. Who knows exactly his own journey or even the one of the others? Fast moving distractions impede seeing the essential. We perceive what is already affected by something and try to communicate – a communication that nobody is interested in. The donkey is a good person, beyond calculation. He wishes to be part of the magic circle. But he can’t get rid of the entanglements and finally chooses the silence.” (Bettina Werner)

21 dancers, from 14 to 18 years old, are searching for values in a society that is overstrained by distractions. But there is one left, who is loved by everybody. In a daily life without communication this person is entrusted with desires, passios and feelings of the others. But there is no use to see these longings without understanding them. And do we really want to know?

The Leipzig Dance Theatre (LTT) does not only produce new dance shows; it also acts as a training centre for contemporary dance. It was founded in 1967 and is one of Germany’s oldest dance theatres. It has 350 young dance enthusiasts and forms an integral part of the cultural landscape of Leipzig. The LTT shows depict peoples´ different attitudes to life. These attitudes come to life through sensual and energetic movements of the dancers, thus establishing a connection with the audience. The LTT has three companies.

The Company – with currently 25 semi-professional dancers – produces under the leadership of Irina Pauls theatre productions as well as interdisciplinary performances and projects in the public sphere. In 2007 the Company “D.C. Dilligence“ was founded under the patronage of the LTT and Irina Pauls´ leadership. The company produces collaborative works with professional dancers. The Juniorcompany consists of 320 young dancers between four and eighteen years of age. They receive sound and rigorous dance training at the LTT and regularly get the chance to perform dance theatre shows.

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