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Eyes Of The Moon

Eyes Of The Moon (Ojos de Luna)

Written and directed by Juan Carlos Torrecilla

Composer: Juan Jose Alfaro Olmedilla

Neither cruelty nor tenderness, neither rage nor affection emanate from the moon, rather the one who gazes upon it. The moon always looks at us with our eyes ant it is then when our souls start to emerge. (Anonymous)

If personal relationships are difficult, they become even more so when one person becomes the master of the rest, letting themselves be subjected, be humiliated… but not all. There is always someone who finds a way out, even if it is by fleeing.

Ojos de Luna, by Juan Carlos Torrecilla, is not a tragedy, nor a comedy, nor a tragicomedy, nor a drama, nor a musical, but it is a bit of each, taking from all these genres to create an original piece, with a dramatic force that will surprise the spectator because it scratches at and conjures up the human soul.

Hipolito, a composer; Monica, a lyricist and Angustias, a singer… three personalities caught up in a relationship influenced by their miseries, their weaknesses, their selfishness, an impossible relationship above all because of personal and intellectual tyranny and because of Hipolito’s rancour toward everything and everyone.

Ojos de Luna and its writer submerge us in an atmosphere that is sometimes oppressive, other times festive, at times degrading, at times liberating, but always touching the human fibers that that stir our own lives and personal relationships a little. And at the end… Ah, but is there an end?

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